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Animal Architects: Don’t Forget Ants

When we are not doing experiments, my son and I have been reading Animal Architects: Building and the Evolution of Intelligence by James R. Gould and Carol Grant Gould.

We have enjoyed the book so far. It is not an easy read, but the stories of the different animals are fascinating. The book is [...]

Toothbrush Ants

This week my son and I have been watching a toothbrush. No, we haven’t gone bonkers. This does have something to do with ants.

You see, we saw this post about an unusual Ant-traction. It seems that a certain type of ant likes the rubbery buttons Colgate toothbrushes. Go check it out. Here’s a link to [...]

New Circus of the Spineless

Jason at Xenogere has posted to #49 issue of Circus of the Spineless.

If you have never seen a carnival by Jason, you will be surprised. His carnival posts are always so much more than a list of links.

And say “Hi!” to Rosy the wolfsnail.

Ants Feeding on Extrafloral Nectaries

Sometimes it is nice to watch a video of nature if you can’t get out to see some yourself.

Can you figure out where the nectaries are?

Do you know what kind of ants these are?