The Fire Ants Book

Related to the last post about Southern fire ants, have you seen The Fire Ants by Walter R. Tschinkel?

You would think that a book that is over 700 pages long about a single topic, and fire ants at that, would be pretty dreadful reading. Surprise! The Fire Ants has all the elements of a great literary work. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry. Walter Tschinkel turns out to be a scientist with a talent for writing far more than just straight research papers. As E.O. Wilson says in the Foreword, "He has delivered a masterpiece."

I have been thinking about reviewing The Fire Ants for several months, but wasn't sure how to tackle it because there is so much to discuss. It would be a huge post.

What would you think about taking a few chapters at a time and having a discussion? Any interest?

Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “The Fire Ants Book

  1. You might want to do a concise overall review (not much more than 1,000 words) for those with passing interest and follow up with more detailed reviews of specific chapters.

  2. Ossein

    I second that, Ted C. MacRae, and I'll have to try to get it from the library, 'coz it costs 90€ over here (Germany) - and I'd really love to read it. So I'd love to see it talked over, too - it's a bit like smelling the cookies before munching them all, though I don't wait that long for cookies normally. Especially in this season.

  3. Mark

    I'm in Ken Ross's (the guy who found gp-9) lab in Georgia, and I think it would be cool to involve our two new undergrad students in a discussion every couple of chapters. We'd definitely be interested.

  4. Roberta

    Post author

    Glad to hear there's interest.

    I'm going to assume undergrads will probably be away during the holidays. How about I give you all a few weeks to find the book and get started reading and I'll post again the first week of January.

    Ossein, Good luck finding it. And cookies...

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