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Beach Ants

Our family had a little vacation last week.

We spent a lot of time here.

About the only plants at this California beach were ice plants. Not where you'd expect to see many ants, or so my family thought.

They underestimated my ability to find ants.

There are ants at the beach!

Have you ever seen ants at the beach?

7 thoughts on “Beach Ants

  1. Miss Becky

    no. never. It's entirely admirable that you did! This is my first visit, and I love your blog. The water in that top photo is so inviting, such a beautiful color. My fave? #3. love that soft yellow. and the ant is cute too.

  2. Ossein

    Sorry, but I don't find the first pic sooo very inviting, but I might be spoilt (or not very fond of mankind's "nests"). But then I get to know this very proud and beautiful little worker - thanx alot.
    My fave, as Miss Becky put it, is pic #3 too. (And you didn't find any ants in those streets of pic #1?)

  3. Roberta

    Yes, I'm afraid so. I thought maybe Coronado "Island" would be exempt, but it is really a peninsula.

  4. Miss bullew

    I recently found two queens on the beach and I’m currently hoping they start a colony in my makeshift test tube XD

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