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Ants Caught Napping

If you have ever watched the ants in an ant farm, you have probably noticed ants sitting around seemingly doing nothing. This leads to the question: are the ants sleeping?

Whether or not social insects sleep is a question that has gotten some definitive work in the bees. In fact, there are bees that are affectionately [...]

The Strange and Wonderful World of Ants, an App for Children

To get away from the heavy book for adults we’ve been reading, let’s take a look at a new App about ants for children.

Do you have an iPad? If not, then this post probably isn’t going to mean much to you. If you do own an iPad, however, and have children who might be interested [...]

The Fire Ants: Chapters 7-9

Anyone ready to discuss chapters 7-9, plus the Interlude, Mundane Methods? (For those of you jumping in late, we are discussing The Fire Ants by Dr. Walter Tschinkel by going over a few chapters per week. Click “The Fire Ants Book Discussion” category for related posts.)

Chapter 7 is about the fire ant nest. [...]

A Social Amoeba Practices Agriculture

Have you heard about this? The harsh spotlight of agricultural fame has been taken off the social insects by the paper in Nature last month. It turns out that amoebae of the species Dictyostelium discoideum treat their food bacteria like leafcutter ants treat the fungi they eat. In fact, the single-celled wonders might be called [...]