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Rover Ants Under Study

The tiny little rover ants, Brachymyrmex patagonicus, made the news a few weeks ago in an article in the Arizona Daily Star. Actually, it was about Javier Miguelena’s doctoral research on rover ants. During his research, Miguelena found that rover ants need added moisture to do well in the deserts of Arizona. By adding water [...]

The Fire Ants: Chapters 13-15

Although I set an ambitious goal of Chapters 13-16, as you could probably gather, it took more time then I expected to digest the information in Chapters 13-15. Let’s take a look at those chapters and save Chapter 16 for next week.

(For those of you jumping in late, we are discussing The Fire Ants by [...]

Ant of the Week: Solenopsis amblychila

Are you ready for ant season to begin? I sure am! We’ve been having some unusually cold and rainy weather, so the ants haven’t been very active. One warmer afternoon last week, however, I did spot a few ants other than rover ants. They were Solenopsis amblychila workers. Solenopsis amblychila workers [...]

The Fire Ants: Chapters 10-12

Do you agree that 10-12 are the best chapters yet?

(For those of you jumping in late, we are discussing The Fire Ants by Dr. Walter Tschinkel by going over a few chapters per week. Click “The Fire Ants Book Discussion” category for related posts.)

Chapter 10 covers mating swarms and colony foundation by new [...]