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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Entomologist

Entomological Society of America 2013 World of Insects Wall Calendar (no ants this year ) +

Original Alex Wild Prints +

Atlas Screen Printing Wild Cotton T-shirt = Happy Entomologist

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Happy Entomologist

  1. Jim

    Hey, where was that t shirt purchased? I can't find it on the website. The website also has a $100 minimum order. Thanks!

  2. Roberta


    I think the t-shirt was purchased at the annual ESA meeting, which was in November.

    I am not affiliated with any of the links...

  3. Roberta


    Let me see what I can find out when they reopen. I think WildCotton is wholesale, but they have a link with an online store that is retail.

  4. Jim

    Thanks for checking on this! I looked at both the wholesale and retail ends. The two looked like separate entities. Neither had the shirt (boohiss).

  5. Anne Orlando

    Hi Jim and Roberta,

    I'm from Atlas Screen Printing and my husband/partner sells these shirts at the ESA meeting every year. We normally only sell wholesale, but you can purchase shirts from use directly on a retail basis, either through Easy Street Markets @ or call us directly at 800-456-5222.

    Atlas Screen Printing

  6. Frank Allen

    I see many t-shirts but not that one. Can't believe they would limit it to members. Would be a wonderful revenue source, and great PR !

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