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Ant-related Websites, Forums and Blogs

Interested in keeping up with the world of ants? Check out these ant-related resources (updated Oct 2018).


AntArk - a (growing) introduction to myrmecology older taxonomic database

AntCat ("... a catalog and bibliography of the taxonomy of the world's ants.")

AntKey (ID guide, particularly introduced species)

AntsCanada (All the gear and information you will need to rear ants or make ant farms.)

Ants Down Under (CSIRO)  Moved to AntWiki

Ants of Cachoeira Nature Reserve (The species list has links with photos of species)

Ants of Cowling Arboretum and McKnight Prairie (Minnesota)

AntManUk - Ant keeping tutorial videos is an interactive resource that shows distribution of ant species throughout the world

Ant Profiler is a searchable database of the ecological characteristics of many ants

Ants of New Guinea

Ants of New Zealand (Factsheets)

Ants of the Southwest (Dale Ward)



Australian Ant Image Database

Formicidae page at Encyclopedia of Life

Formis - a searchable bibliography of ant literature

Michael's Ant Website

Moreau Lab

Navajo Ant Project

Pacific Invasive Ant Key


Regional Cente for Ant Research - Sri Lanka

School of Ants

SI AntLab (Smithsonian, with William L. Brown Jr. Digital Library)

The Ants of North America (William and Emma Mackay, last updated in 2003)


Ant Hill World

The Ant Farm and Myrmecology Forum (at Yuku)

Ants & Myrmecology Forum at

AntsCanada Forum

World of Myrmecology (ant keeping forum)



Ant Ecology and Other Adventures


Ant Visions


Ant Universe

Biodiverse Gardens

Eli M. Sarnat

Historias de Hormigas (En Español)

Hormigalia Blog  (En Español)

Insectessociaux (Social insects in general)

Myrmecological News Blog

Myrmecos (Alex Wild, previously at WordPress)


The Ant Hunter

The Daily Ant

Social Media/Networking Sites

The Ultimate Ants & Myrmecology Facebook Group

Ants California - Facebook

Ants - Google Plus

The Ultimate Ants & Myrmecology Community - Google Plus

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  1. Roberta

    Always nice to hear about more websites. Note: the first link is not correct, but I was able to find it.

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