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Have Thief Ants Escaped?

In a recent trip to western New York, I noticed a trend. Whenever I found an ant colony (flipping rocks looking for bait for a family member who likes to fish)…

an ant colony like these cornfield ants…

I found thief ants.


Take these Lasius.


Can you see the thief ants?

Let me give you clues. The thief ant is [...]

A Glimpse of Ants

Things have not been easy this year.

It’s good to know that ants, like these Crematogaster, are still going about their business.


Solenopsis Alate

What is this ant doing out and about this time of year? It is December, after all.

There hasn’t been rain for weeks.

My son found her walking on the driveway.

She’s definitely a Solenopsis because the antennal club is two segments, not three. It seems rather odd, but other species of fire ants are thought to have [...]

Ant of the Week: Camponotus nearcticus

Once again, these ants are found in firewood.

At first glance the workers look somewhat like Camponotus pennsylvanicus carpenter ant workers. This worker is in the 6.5-7 mm range.

The surprise comes when an alate comes crawling out of a tunnel. At this scale you probably still can’t see the difference.

That alate is much smaller than an [...]