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Two Tributes to E.O. Wilson

In an interesting set of coincidences, two tributes to Dr. Edward O. Wilson, ant expert extraordinaire, arrived in my mailbox recently.

The first was a press release from the National Geographic Society. Wilson was honored on June 13, 2013 with a Hubbard Medal “for his lifelong commitment to the planet’s rich diversity through his research and [...]

New Ant Blog

Just got a note from Nick Bos, a post doc at the University of Helsinki. He’s started a new blog called AntyScience.

Some of his papers:

Bos, N., Lefevre, T., Jensen, A. B. and D’ettorre, P. Sick ants become unsociable. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 342–351, February 2012.

Bos, Nick; Grinsted, Lena; Holman, Luke [...]

Bert Hölldobler and Ants: Nature’s Secret Power

Did I see Dr. Bert Hölldobler at the Ants: Nature’s Secret Power film screening Saturday night? Let me give you a hint:

The event was a golden opportunity to meet Dr. Hölldobler because the crowd was small (Arizona State University was having a lot of competing activities for Night of the Open Door.) [...]

Tribute to Thomas Belt

As Ossein correctly commented, the naturalist who first realized that leafcutter ants were feeding on fungi rather than leaves (trivia question in the Fungus Gardener post) was Thomas Belt.

I first ran across Thomas Belt in the selection of essays about insects, Insect Lives edited by Erich Hoyt and Ted Schultz. In this collection the editors [...]