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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Entomologist

Entomological Society of America 2013 World of Insects Wall Calendar (no ants this year ) +

Original Alex Wild Prints +

Atlas Screen Printing Wild Cotton T-shirt = Happy Entomologist

Wordless Wednesday: Pseudomyrmex

When does an ant look like a stretched-out wasp?

(Thanks to Cameron for help on this one).

Wordless Wednesday: Male Leafcutter Bee

What are those things on that leafcutter bee’s front legs?

Pollen basket? Parasite?

Actually those are brushes that male leafcutter bees use during mating.

Have you seen them before?

Another view at BugGuide


D. Wittmann and and B. Blochtein. (1995). Why males of leafcutter bees hold the females’ antennae with their front legs during mating. Apidologie 26: 181-196

Wordless Wednesday: Pogonomyrmex rugosus carrying what?

I always like to see what ants are collecting during foraging trips.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to identify.

Tree resin? Hard candy?

What do you think it is?

And no, I didn’t have the opportunity to collect it and see.