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Have you seen ant researcher Deborah Gordon's newest TED talk?

She mentions the Ants in Space project, as well as results from her 28 years studying a group of harvester ants in the Southwest.

Dr. Gordon proposes some interesting connections between what we can learn from ants and other fields of research. What do you think?


In this video NASA associate International Space Station program scientist,Tara Ruttley, tells Josh Bylerly, also of NASA, about the Ants in Space experiment.

See more at and our previous post about the project.

Nothing like Costa Rica for incredible ants. The National Biodiversity Institute (INBio) of Costa Rica has some short videos of the local fauna, including ants.

Here are two examples:



The captions says: "Hymenoptera Formicidae Hormigas de los cornizuelos Pseudomyrmex."

What do you think?