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Nothing like Costa Rica for incredible ants. The National Biodiversity Institute (INBio) of Costa Rica has some short videos of the local fauna, including ants.

Here are two examples:



The captions says: "Hymenoptera Formicidae Hormigas de los cornizuelos Pseudomyrmex."

What do you think?



Just a few updates today.

The October Circus of the Spineless is up at Wanderin' Weeta. Fun to read, as always.

Also wanted to report two items that turned up almost exactly a year ago. Last week I saw the same kind of silverfish that I found in the opening of harvester ant nests again. I looked it up and I saw them last year in the first part of September. No better photographs than last year, but it was also in a harvester ant mound.

Two weeks ago I saw another "meet and greet" by rover ants. The first time I saw that October 10 last year. I'd really like to find out more about that behavior.

Anyone out there have any ideas?